CachePacking in the Sandhills

Logging my find

What is CachePacking you may ask? Simply, it is GeoCaching while wearing a backpack. I coined the term, you don’t have to use it. And no, I wasn’t on some overnight trip, I’m trying to work out and increase my distance and stamina until I can do up to ten miles in a day. Right now the farthest I’ve gone is about 1.5, but I keep running out of places to go. I would have gone farther today, but I was running out of daylight, trail, and GPS batteries.

This was ‘What “Other Mountain”?’ on the GeoCaching site. I had previously sought it out, but was unable to find it, and it’s a nice hike from the car in itself. I missed it last time, but after an email to the owner I was given a better hint. It turns out I was looking in the right place, just not close enough. It really blends in.

The nasty and scary part of the trip came first, when I tried to park, and thought someone left a Huge dead dog at the entrance. Turns out I was close – it was a HOG not a dog.

That's All, Folks!

This thing looked to be an easy 125-150 pounds. I think it was road kill, because noting had chowed down on it yet, but it was a little intimidating. I wouldn’t want to run into a live….that… in the woods. My little folding knife seemed grossly inadequate for self-preservation at that point, if needed in an emergency.

The pines, the pines are call-ing.

So after finding my stuff I had a nice walk up and down some hills which were tiring, and then I stuck to a rolling dirt road that fell into disuse, long enough ago it feels like a wide trail instead of a road. I was trying to make it to a pond, but got about 200 yards away when I hit the end of the road and really thick brush. So I gave up of course, not wanting to twist an ankle half a mile from the car.

The funny thing was, the whole time I had 3G on the iPhone, and set MotionX GPS to send updates to my wife via Facebook. At least if I got attacked by a boar, or ran into some moonshiners and got shot, the world would know where it all happened.

Now I just need to figure out where to put a car battery in my backpack, because the GPS just kills the iphone.


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