A Walk in the Woods

Is a lot more expensive than you would think…

Foggy Morning - Im just not sure where.

Backpack – $200. Sleeping Bag – $130. Hammock Tent – $130. Boots, Clothes, Poles, Canister Stove, First Aid Kit, camp soap, towel, map, whistle, socks, water bladder, compass, big ass knife, and enough batteries to keep the GPS and iPhone going for a few days. Definitely not Priceless, but damn near.

Anyone want to buy some blood? Maybe a Kidney. I’ll give you a discount on the left one, it had a stone in it.

I’m combining my two hobbies though. I’ve picked up geocaching again, and attached a “Travel Bug” to my backpack. That way when I visit caches (or when people run into me in the woods that know anything about Caching, they can log me, and I can keep track of it’s miles traveled.

Of course, I blacked out the number. That would be silly to leave on there… you have to actually see me, to log me. If you know anything about geocaching and travel bugs, check out the “Travelling Bag Bug”. Just don’t try to take my pack to another cache, and dont trade anything out of it. Except dirty socks. You can have those.

The above two pictures continue my Project 365 program. I think this is the third week. Its hard to keep up. So that’s 49 weeks until the apocalypse? I was reading something the other day. A man was talking about stocking up for the apocalypse, and the other people on the forums said that was dumb, the world wasn’t going to end. He replied, of course the world isn’t going to end – but all the idiots that get scared a few days before December 21 will clean out Wal-Mart and for the rest of us, bread and T.P. will get hard to find. So its worth having some extra butt wipes, laundry soap and Ramen Noodles to get buy a week or so until the world returns to normal. I say if there is some kind of judgement day thing, just loot the preachers house, because if there’s some sort of rapture thing, the preachers will probably not be coming back for their can of Manwich.

The world may not be ending, but English....it's done.
Give me Liberty... or a TAX REFUND!


Im pretty sure when France gave us that statue in New York, they didn’t mean for its image to be used in quite this fashion, but hey, whatever works. I Love tax time. Sure, it’s my money I’m getting back, but look at it this way, if a thief broke into your house and stole your TV and your Laptop, and later brought your laptop back and said “Sorry I stole this. I sold your TV to pay my light bill, but it turns out I didn’t need this after all”, you would still be happy. Then you would beat him unconscious with a baseball bat, but you would still be happier than if you had nothing. So, long live the tax refund.

Speaking of Taxes and all their unfairity (is that a word? There goes English again… right down the drain), I was watching a rather unique documentary/reality series this month called “Moonshiners”. Its a lot like “finding bigfoot” with more rednecks and science and less speculation. Its about some guys that make moonshine for a living, and some cops who try to catch them. I assume the camera crews did not intermix. It would have made a great season finale.

Why is moonshine illegal? I know it has to do with taxes, and health codes and such. But listen to this – in South Carolina I can legally make 100 gallons of beer or wine for my own consumption. I can even give it away to friends and relatives if I want. All with no taxes, and no health department oversight. BUT – if I remove some of the water (for that’s all “distillation” is – separating the water from the alcohol that’s already there) that’s a federal crime. Not being a a big drinker – or even a small one, and having a deathly fear of going to jail, I would never ever try it myself (and don’t suggest you do it either…) but it’s just a curiosity. Why can you make your own beer or wine but not turn the product into anything stronger? Actually, I kind of think making your own beer or wine is a lot like fishing. Unless you are doing it in HUGE quantities, the best way to get it cheap – is just to go to Bi-Lo.

Even funnier. What is moonshine, but ethanol? And since Ethanol as a fuel additive or replacement is a big money maker, you could legally have a still in your back yard. For a $500 license application fee, you can get a license from the State for an “ethanol fuel production” device. You have to draw a plot, have your site inspected (I guess to make sure you’re not going to burn down your house or your neighbor’s) and once approved you can order or build your still. You have to add gasoline to the resultant product, but seriously, wouldn’t that piss of the neighbors? Can you imagine the looks when you fire that sucker up? “Just makin’ a run Steve, I’ll trim the hedge next weekend!”

Even so, I’ll go back to the fishing comparison. It still sounds a lot easier and cheaper to go to the BP and swipe a card. Just not as much fun.




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