Stick a fork in 2011, It’s done.

Kaylee opens her presents...

It’s over. Two months of hubub and with barely the burp of Alka-Seltzer on January 1, 2011 is already a distant memory. If Wal-Mart is any indication, Valentines Day is tomorrow, so I better get shopping. I’m beginning to wonder when they were making up all these holidays, if they sat around and planned it out so there was no more than two months between any shopping period.

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

The X-Mass leftovers have gone to the landfill, the cards have been burned as per the tradition, and the boxes are packed. With a huff and a puff and several swear words, the lights and ornaments and garlands are stuff in the attic for another eleven months before they are unceremoniously thrown down the stairs. I was interested to see that while putting up the lights required coordination and effort and a ladder, they came down with a slight tug on one end.

Packed up and GONE!

The Christmas tree, an ancient pagan symbol around which we gathered and adorned with gifts, is little more than a few sprigs of green leaves under the couch, and a drag mark across the front porch. I can see it from my window, slowly browning in the woods just beyond the tree line. The project 365 has finished off it’s second week. Amazing how fast that seems to be working. This house in town burned up – although I will refrian from discussing any rumors here. Such is beyond the scope of this project.

Looks like Tara from that Gone with The Wind Movie...


We had one last shopping trip, the better to spend our gift cards with, my dear. We started at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, then wound up back at Southpark for supper, hopefully finally putting an end to spending every weekend shopping for a while.

Under the escalator
Do teens really buy Zit Cream from vending machines?
I love this dome outside the Cheesecake Factory
cheesecake factory sign - pretty cool.Ugh, crappy iFlash and backlighting make this an awful shot, but they were cute any way.


So, that was it. Goodbye 2011! Bring on 2012, with all its hopes and promises and better days to come. Until December 21, anyway.

Prestwood lake can be pretty during temperature changes.

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