A new hope

Its time to start something new….

In 2010 I did a photo project, my “Project 365”. Its a long, tough project where you take a photo every day. It doesn’t matter what of, you just take a picture every day. It gets hard because as the season’s change, there’s only so much to take pictures of, nature-wise. Fall comes around, do you really want two weeks of red and yellow leaves? I don’t think so.

So I waited a year before my next one. And I missed some good opportunities along the way. Even Wal-Mart can provide some interesting shots every now and then. The funny food label, the people, and the Sunday-before-1pm Church Nazi blue laws rope.  All good subjects.

Today is the Winter Solstice (Happy Solstice! to all you Wiccans, Druids and other Pagans out there, today is your day to celebrate, even though the Christians are three days late), and according to the Myans, this is the final year. Next year their calendar runs out, and the next 5000 year age starts (or something like that). Why the Mayans are trusted as the authorities on the end of the world, I don’t know. They couldn’t predict their own extinction, so why, hundreds of years after they are gone from the planet, are they trusted to predict the end of the rest of us?


Any way…. I’m sort of OCD about things. Last time I did my project from Jan 1, to Dec 31. If the world does end in 2012 on Dec 21… I’m going to be really upset that I didn’t get to finish. So if I start today, I should finish with a day to spare (after all, 2012 is a leap year, there’s an extra day in there to mess with).




Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

One thought on “A new hope”

  1. So,we are taking pics again for the new year??? Think I shall TRY again and then trust that the Mayans etc have no clue anyway. I fully expect 2013 to arrive with or without us! Yeah, it is alot to take a pic a day. Some days I took a bunch, other days I missed.

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