Its not over until the fat lady sings.

Do all operas end with fat ladies singing? Or does that refer to one particular opera? I’m just curious, I think I’ve only been to one, but it was a community theatre type of thing so I don’t think it really counts.

Any way, I’m not seriously talking about opera… I’m making a reference to Christmas, or as it’s more correctly called, x-mass.


The shopping is laid by the Chimney with care.


Last week we went to the Pineville mall, in North Carolina. I know, I know, shop locally. Find me an REI outlet and I’ll go there. Same with an Orange Leaves self-serve yogurt place.


Whatever happened to frozen yogurt?

Used to every idiot gas station owner had some columbo machines, now it’s all gone except for the odd TCBY in a major city. Where did it go?


I’m off on a tangent… Any way, we went to the mall to complete our lists in what I thought was the last trip of the season. Oops. Wrong. But this was most of it. The boxes were packed and the stocking was hung.


Twas the Lights before x-mass.


There’s a town not too far from Charlotte, NC

It bills itself as “Christmas Town, USA”. I hesitate to post this, as I also live in a small town, and they might get the idea to try this same thing, and the last thing we need is ten thousand cars driving through town every night blocking traffic and not buying anything.


But here goes:

So the whole town lights up their trees and yards, at least on the main thoroughfare through the city. I think their must be some rules though, because all the lights are the same green red and white. Nothing overly garish and no multicolors.




It was overall a pretty sight. If you’ve never been, however, don’t The traffic is horrible. It was like trying to get into and out of a big name concert.

Seriously it took an hour to go a few blocks. There are three exits from 85 into this town, and people were not following directions. The troopers had to let some people in, and they were getting in front of the people that DID follow directions.

Angie got out of the car, walked two blocks to the Shell station, got a coke, and walked back and we had moved two car lengths.

The traffic tempered our whole experience negatively.







This guy tried hard, but he misspelled X-Mass



Its a testament to our slow speed. I took these all from the driver’s seat.








Oh, Tannenbaum!


  So we got the tree up. If you’ve never shoved an 8 foot tree into the back of a Honda CRV, you are missing out on some good stuff.


I tried something new this year, a time lapse of us decorating the tree. It was sort of funny, but as my wife says I was not dressed appropriately for the interwebs, my video will have to remain anonymous. I also realized my tripod wasnt straight, and someone bumped it halfway through so it shifts, but it was fun.


Kaylee enjoyed waiting the 20 seconds for the next picture and posing.












The finished product. I’m scared when the wife starts going all Martha Stewart on stuff (The home decorator Martha Stewart, not the Inside Trader in Prison Martha Stewart).


But the tree turned out nicely, despite some initial concerns on my part.









Hail Mary, full of Grace

My daughter was “Mary” in the school x-mass program. Unfortunately due to a bad costume department, her Mary hat kept falling off, and here she is just wearing a Santa hat with the rest of them.


Of course, then the ACLU got involved and said schools can’t be doing this sort of thing, so the second program was cancelled.


I say, if you don’t like this sort of thing in school programs, don’t go. But that’s just me. And I’m not a greedy a-hole trying to extort money from schools, so there you go.




I need a longer lens, or a better seat.












Like I said  – its all over but the fat lady singing (shouldn’t it be the fat lady eating dessert? After all if she’s fat, she’s more likely to eat than sing).

The presents are wrapped under the tree with care, In hopes that x-mass eve soon will be there, before the burglars come and take all of our crap.


My wife always says this is the part that causes her the most grief, the last week up until its over.

Im the opposite, the shopping and wrapping are done, its all smooth sailing from this point out. Just a few drives, some food and a day or two off of work. Game on, Santa. Game on.











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