And….. They’re Off!

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November! Holy crap it’s November.

Time to start X-MASS shopping!

So I was informed on the First of November that on the Fifth, I would be going to the beach. Not sure why, but there it is. So, to beat the Black Friday (and any weekend after that) rush, I told my wife now would be a good time to get started with the X-Mass stuff. She was overjoyed. As my mother-in-law instigated this trip, she was coming along, and we decided to meet up with my wife’s sister and her husband. It was one large group.

The first stop was the Coastal Grand Mall (Actually it was McAllister’s but I didn’t take any pictures). It’s one of Kaylee’s favorite malls because of the following:

The coolest thing ever at a mall

The “Euro Bounce” thing is pretty cool, and it wears her out so completely. You try bouncing twenty feet in the air for ten minutes, see how well you walk afterwards. Its cheap entertainment where kids go. She almost did a flip, not for lack of trying.

My favorite store in the mall is probably the music and instrument store. It’s where “santa” bought her guitar last year (and she recently decided she doesn’t want to practice any more). She likes the drums the best. No, Kaylee, you cannot have drums. A piano yes (because I could play with it) but NO drums. Actually I do like the Didgeridoo, and they are pretty cheap – under $30. I almost bought one, but I don’t know anyone who does Didgeridoo lessons.

After checking out a few more things we left for the Tanger Outlets.

Boredom in a shoe store. Kaylee plays with my hat.

Kaylee became extremely bored in shoe stores. She decided to play with my hat. Kaylee also likes to get carried around on my back. Which I usually don’t mind, as she makes a good substitute backpack for building muscles and such, but she likes to get down a lot too, which is a pain in the butt.

No coins to throw in, never mind, there are plenty already!

Of course – this is her favorite time-passer in the outlet mall – picking coins out of the fountain and then throwing them back in at the statue of the little girl in the middle (you cant see it – but there is a flat spot on the statue we try to get the coins to stop on).

Blackness and shiny metal. Is this a restaurant or some dungeon?

Ultimately we wound up at the Melting Pot, one of my favorite places to eat. Expensive? Yes. But we only go once or twice a year on birthdays or special occasions. They give you enough food that when you leave you feel like partaking of the Mary-Kate Olsen diet plan. But then again, I paid enough for my food I wouldn’t waste it by throwing it up…

So – All in all it was a good start to the X-Mass rush. I even got a few pairs of jeans out of the trip, so I can get rid of my old ones that I don’t wear any more. For the rest of November I plan on shopping the old-fashioned way. Online.

I plan to shop locally too. I’m going to shop, from my house.

In other news – I found a really useful app for the iphone/pad. It’s called Zinio, and its perfect for people that like reading magazines, and don’t like having magazines around. After all, what do you do with them when they start to pile up? Throw out all that useful stuff? Donate them (ha) to a library, or line the birdcage?

Zinio provides magazines in digital form. So you never have them piling up, you can access them anytime, any where, and it tells you when you have new ones. You can delete old ones that you don’t want on your device, but go back two years from now and download them again. Very useful. I just have one – I subscribed to Backpacker because they have some useful stuff. There are pre-planned trips inside, all you have to do is follow the directions. Saves all that “planning” stuff. Hopefully by Spring I can get my crap together and try it out. They had one in South Carolina last month. I thought, “Hey – wait, I live there!”

Zino completely rocks. But it gives me a headache on the iPhone.

And no, there is more to the state than Myrtle Beach – for you people that have never been here. We have mountains too. Our highest point is 3200 feet (maybe 3600 – I’d have to look it up again).

The only bad thing? The iPhone screen is really small, and reading and zooming and moving gets confusing. iPad is a much better platform for magazines.

If something on a page grabs your attention. You can always do a screen capture, email the file to yourself and print it out to hold on to it.


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2 thoughts on “And….. They’re Off!”

  1. WOW, you were busy! Stella went today this weekend also! Sounds as if you had a grand time, good for all of you. LOVE the bouncing in the air thing. A HOOT, sounds like a plan to me—-need that for grownups!

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