7 Gadgets that won’t be around in 2020

So Yahoo! linked a story about 7 things we all use that probably won’t be around in 2020.I beg to differ on some of their opinions.

1. Stand-alone GPS units.  I’m sorry, but outdoorsmen were using GPS long before soccer moms bought them to find the closest Starbucks. Hikers, skiers, Geocachers, ATV riders and other off-roaders will be using them long after the GPS unit is integrated into the new cars. However – I see a new use in cars.

a. As a speed governor. Your friendly GPS tells your car that the speed limit on the road is 55. The car computer sets a limit on your speed at 55. Coming into the city… your top speed limits to 35.

b. Tax revenue – drive a lot? Get ready to pay more taxes as your friendly GPS helps report your miles to the appropriate taxation authority. After all, shouldn’t drivers who use the road more, pay more taxes (even though they already tax gasoline – so that should be moot, right?)


2. E-Readers. Goodbye kindle. Hello iPad. Umm…. wasnt the point of the kindle to be simple and cheap, and most importantly, SOMETHING YOU CAN READ OUTSIDE in the SUNLIGHT? Evidently the makers of e-readers have forgotten this. Sure, you can get e-readers with color and touch screens and all. So – maybe Yahoo is getting this one right.


3. Feature phones. Those crappy things you get for free on your cell phone plan. Yeah – good riddance to those. If I want a phone that only makes phone calls – I can pay-per-month on my wal-mart POS. If you’re locking me into a two year contract – my phone better be smart, let me play music and movies and do things like email photos and add ringtones without making me PAY extra.

4. Low end cameras. So they predict the death of the point and shoot. Yahoo hasn’t figured out the same thing most consumers haven’t. Megapixels does not mean better pictures. Your iPhone with its 10 megapixel itty bitty sensor and pinhole lens will NOT look as good as that 8 megapixel nikon point and shoot. And both of them will still be outclassed by that two year old DSLR with 6 megapixels and a Nikkor lens. But to most people – megapixels = better pictures, so they will say “why should I carry my old 6mp coolpix when I have the iphone with 8mp?”

5. DVD players. Okay – I’ll give them this. IF streaming companies will get off their butts and add new releases to streaming. It makes it harder to copy stuff, and streamlines the process. When new movies are only available on disc or through mail-delivery (netflix) then we’re stuck with the DVD.

6. Recordable DVDs and CDs. Maybe. With the death of the floppy disc, I can see the CD following. I can’t remember buying my last spindle of CDs. After all, most of what I copy just as easily fits on DVD or external drives. With most new cars having aux ports, who borrows friend’s CDs to make copies any more? Just rip them and plug in the iPod or even a thumb drive. Done. Flash memory is cheap and doesn’t scratch. It also fails, but DVDs break, so there you go.

7. Game consoles. Good riddance. Wasn’t the PC supposed to end this? But no, you buy a console and a few games and the next year something newer and better is out. At least with a PC the same games play for a long time, even through several upgrades.


Maybe Yahoo will be gone by 2020. After all – when something intrigues people, no one ever says, “I think I’ll Yahoo that later”.


Author: theosus1

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