I love Dick’s!

Kaylee loves a certain sporting goods store with an unfortunate name. What idiot names their store that?
Any way… There we were in Dick’s at the South Park mall in Charlotte. It was a huge place. Two stories… So now the South Park Mall is “The mall with the BIG Dick’s…”

I’m not much into sports. Sure, I like to ski, but what I do is as much a sport as walking to the mailbox can be compared to the Boston Marathon. Flailing semi-controlled down the mountainside is NOT a sport.
I am getting into Backpacking, again, good exercise, not a sport. But Dick’s has stuff for both. We were looking at gloves and ski wear for Kaylee, when she found the hats. Her favorite was the Balaclava.


She found another one later in Florence, in a better color. I’m not sure how many ninjas would wear a pink hat, but if she ever studies martial arts, she has the headgear.


Of course she insisted on wearing it into the Mall, which caused the wife no small amount of discomfort. I think the exact words were “What the Hell are you doing? It’s 80 degrees!”

Kaylee also insists she needs the ear warmers with the built in headphones. I told her she won’t be using her iPod when she’s skiing, so she doesn’t need those. I, however, like the looks of them, and may be purchasing a set for myself. They will come in handy on the slopes, fall and spring backpacking, and maybe at the Mall during the “holiday shopping season”.

I’ve also been told by Kaylee that I will soon be tenting out in the back yard. Seeing as how she doesn’t have a sleeping bag, I don’t see how this will go well. I do have a tent she can use. She also told me, “we have to keep the door unlocked, in case we have to pee”.
I’m not sure exactly how this will work. There’s no way I’m lighting a camp fire in my yard. The fire guys would be really upset putting out all the dead grass, and something tells me tents are flammable.


Author: theosus1

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