My Keurig Machine

I never liked coffee. Can’t stand the stuff. Even when I was on “graveyard shift” I wouldn’t drink it. The closest thing I could get to coffee was the Gas station Cappucino, that concoction involving a single squirt of light brown liquid from a machine, with no frothy milk. Once I ordered a real cappuccino from a coffee shop, and I was looking at it like “what the hell is this thing?”

So when the wife wanted one of these:


I was thinking, WHY? After all, we don’t drink coffee. But it turns out they make a lot of other stuff. Mainly various teas and hot chocolates, in addition to their coffees. There is even a decent cappuccino. I thought at first it was just instant coffee in a little cup, but it turns out these things are a lot more complex than I thought. It’s real ground coffee or tea in a little cup with it’s own filter:


Which makes me look like a dumbass.

On one of the hiking/backpacking boards I have lately been perusing, I simply suggested for guys that want coffee in the woods to take a few of these cups along and tear off the top. But these little things don’t work that way. There are all kinds of improvised coffee filter holding devices for backpackers. Getting up in the woods in the morning must be tough. Something to help wake you has to be better than nothing.
I still think these could work. Poke a hole in the top, and in the bottom (like the machine does), and sit the little cup in a piece of metal with a hole drilled to hold it, right on top of your coffee cup. Just pour boiling water through the hole in the top.

Of course, there’s the matter of creamer… Either you have to use the powdery stuff, or go without. I’m learning to drink this stuff, hopefully I can find something not too distasteful to wake me up in the mornings.

Maybe I’ll just take a mountain dew. Sure, it’s the nastiest soda there is, but it wakes you up.


Author: theosus1

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