Illegals – the final solution.

As the roofers were replacing my shingles the other day, I was struck by the fact that they were all Hispanic. When my neighbor’s roof got redone, there was a crowd of white dudes with long hair. It actually looked like an 80’s rock band was about to give a concert on the roof.

I talked with my roof guys as they worked and when they were on break. The leader spoke pretty good English, two others not so much, and the last two not a word. It made me think, who might be here illegally? I didn’t ask of course. That would be rude. After all, they are here doing good work.

So what’s the big problem with illegal aliens?
Not the ones here to hurt us, but the regular working man? The sewer workers or hotel maids or gardeners?

They don’t pay taxes.

So, I have the final solution to that old complaint. Let’s get rid of income taxes. Flat sales taxes on everything. I would support that. No more tax free holidays, tax food purchases – even food stamps, and no more sales tax caps, like on cars. It would be a fair system. The poor who don’t buy much? They pay less. The rich who buy more, and fancier things? They pay more taxes.

While we’re at it, finally make it fair and force online retailers to collect sales taxes for the states.

Illegals working here and buying stuff would pay taxes. They wouldn’t have the choice. Thus ends one big debate over illegals.

Of course, people will still complain about them “not speaking our language!”

You realize that America has no official language? When the idea of an official language came up around the time the country was being founded, there were more Germans than English. Fearing they would lose the fight, the English didn’t bring up the issue. So – we have no official American language.

Plus, Unless you are related to someone named “Runs with the Moon”, or “Skips over Snakes”, you have no right to complain about Illegal Immigrants.


Author: theosus1

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