Up on the housetop…

Up on the housetop Mexicans crawl
they rip off my shingles one and all.
Down come the old ones on the ground
There’s shingles everywhere, all around
Oh Oh no, please don’t slip, oh oh no, please don’t trip

Up on the housetop, click, click, click
I hear the nailgun, quick quick quick.


So this morning I wake up to a van and a huge pickup with knobby tires in my driveway. I’m thinking, this isn’t right. Someone’s in the wrong place.

Then I see four Hispanic guys in “roofing company” shirts milling about.  Actually, I knew they were coming, they were just supposed to be here on Monday, not today. But it’s a surprise when you open the door and there they are. One was able to tell me in broken English the the house they were supposed to do, didn’t get it’s shingles. So they came to do mine, since my shingles came yesterday.

I’m kind of scared. There is no dumpster or port-a-john, so I wondering where the shingles and other work detritus will go. They are working very fast, though, as it’s barely 8:30 and half the roof has been stripped. I told them “Trabajamos Rapido!” which from what I recall means “you dudes work fast”. At least that’s what I hope I said. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.

The sounds are a bit creepy, though. I keep waiting for someone to come through the roof on me. It sounds a bit like the zombie apocalypse, that the zombies are clawing their way through the roof. It’s hard to play WarCraft when you are scared some dude with a pitchfork is going to slip and impale himself right outside the window. Maybe Battlefield 2 would be the better choice…. the bangs and booms and nailguns add that much more realism.

Hailstorms are great! Thank you ___ (insert deity of your choice here)____!




Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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