Angie’s Apple Adventure – or: Top O’ the Mountain.

I have seen the top of the mountain.

And there were apples there. Continuing my removal of pictures from FaceBook – I removed last year’s “Angie’s Apple Adventure”, and have reconstructed it here.

The AAA (Or 3A) is an annual event, begun 3 years ago, where we go to North Carolina and pick apples. The apples are good, and pretty inexpensive, however between eating and driving, that bag o’ apples winds up costing around $100. So I also dub the trip the “Hundred Dollar Sack o’ apples” trip.

Its worth it, though. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than by going to the Mountains of North Carolina. Actually I’d like to spend the weekend there even better. I love the mountains.

Anyhow – we go to this place called “Sky Top Orchards”, that really is on the top of the mountain, On Pinnacle Mountain Road west of Zirconia. You can see the orchards on Google Maps from above, it’s pretty cool. Usually the day starts early, with a three and a half hour drive to the area, then lunch at the Village Bakery in Flat Rock. When that’s over, we head to Sky Top, and spend an hour or so picking the apples. A drive down the mountain again, and it’s over. Last year we drove into the Pisgah Forest, up to Looking Glass Falls “The most photographed waterfall east of the Mississippi”. It really is awe inspiring. There was a guy swimming in the falls, although the water was freezing. I think I’m going to try this year. I have to remember – swimsuit and towel.

So – there you have the Apple Adventure. Mix in some good local food, a smattering of outdoor fun, some drives that make the rides at Carowinds seem tame, and all for $100 or so. A good family fun day.


Author: theosus1

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