The State Farm Catastrophe line

My father once said “If you need a new roof, pray for a hailstorm”. I didn’t pray for one, it just happened.
Back in may of this year our area had a rather nice hailstorm, golf-balls dropping from the sky. It was loud and nasty and went on for quite a while. I thought for sure some were going to come through onto our heads.
Thankfully when I first saw it start to hail, I ran out and threw a comforter over my old car. The new one is under the carport with the plane. I saved any car damage (take that state farm!), however the plane’s fabric tail suffered damage. I have since repaired it, but was unable to match paint colors, so now it looks a little silly.
Soon after it seemed everyone around was getting a new roof. All my neighbors, people at work, and I wondered, surely they didn’t all leak? After talking with people I discovered that you could have damage but no leak.
Uh oh.
Enter the State Farm Catastrophe people.
I called my insurance people and filed a claim. I like my insurance people. They have a small nice office, and always help me out. They should. They charge me enough. So, a few days later when I get a call from someone at a 316 area code, I’m confused. All I get is a message, with an 800 number and a code. There are no real people. Suddenly I’m in automated service Hell.

When I finally get the guy to call back, he says he’s going to come check my roof, but I don’t have to be there. Who knows if he really came or not, but two weeks later I get a pack of papers in the mail and a small check. I was like, WTF? I can’t put up a new roof with this.

So, I called my insurance people, the local ones, not the 800 number idiots. They tell me to get an estimate from a contractor, and they’ll give me the rest of the money, minus a hefty deductible, that way they know the work is being done and I’m not just taking my money back from them.

When the heck did they go to a one percent deductible? I missed that one. Time to shop around I guess. I’m sure my rate will go up, despite my being a loyal non-claiming customer for ten years.
The roofer looks at everything and I’m satisfied with the results. After all, if I’m going to have to get a new roof any way, we might as well let someone else pay for most of it. My only other concern was what color shingles. I guess I’ll do black like everyone else, despite my current ones being brown.

I’m a bit peeved over all. My local people should be able to check stuff. Why is it that I got thrown into some mystery land of automated phone lines. Doesn’t all the information go into a database somewhere? The agent in town Should be able to pull it up, at least, and say, “yes, the guy checked your roof, they are preparing to mail a check”. Crazy system. It just sounded fishy to me, like they were getting a scapegoat ready in case I didn’t like the results.

Hopefully if a hurricane comes it won’t mess up the roof. I don’t think State Farm will pay for two.


Author: theosus1

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