More storms…and Cheez-Its

I got a follow-up from the Cheez-It people in the mail.


It said the mystery plastic was a part of the “Cheese Ingredient Packaging”. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? I guess the powdered cheese they dump in has a pull tab to open the sack. Makes me want to rethink eating Cheez-Its.


In other news – we had a pretty cool storm the other night, but most of the really cool stuff was out of view of me and the camera. I got two half-way decent ones.


Overall I wished I could have gotten more, but it was raining enough I was stuck under shelter. The one time I did walk out to see what was going on, a sudden bust of crawling, cracking lighting wrapped around the clouds and under them for almost a full two seconds. It looked like something out of some wizard movie. I hunched down on the ground and thought “well – this is it”, but according to the thunder that followed (which was quite loud), it was never closer than a mile, which was good. It was sure scary though.


Author: theosus1

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