Another Rainy Night

Sitting once again in a dark field waiting on thunderstorms to approach, I was struck (not by lightning of course) by the ridiculous nature of what I do. It was a real “Mythbusters What the Hell am I doing?” moment.

But the storms approached, and didnt get too out of hand. In fact, I sort of got skunked. I never could get the camera to do exactly what I wanted, the lightning was too occluded by other clouds and when I did get something it was either under or over exposed. To use the parlance of those who fight over balls, I was “off my game”. And the storm suddenly petered out. One minute, it was fun and showy, and suddenly, nothing.

However,  sitting in a field getting bitten by mosquitos and fire ants, and hoping that the lightning is close enough to be interesting without close enough to stop my heart or make me poo myself in fear, is always fun.  Herewith I present my less than stellar results.



Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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