We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile.

I resurrected my old Borg theme from iPhone 3G. For those of you not in the know, the Borg are a race of cybernetic bad guys from the Star Trek the Next Generation (and Voyager) series. They try to conquer any civilization with life forms or technology they can use for their own advancement. They are generally unpleasant. Think: Terminator with more external equipment. Just Google Borg.

Any way, I made a Lot of icons and sound effects for my phone and decided to use them again. First I got a new “lock screen” image and settings from another site and reworked everything. I was able to use some pre made stuff and redo it to make this:


I lost most of my other customizations other than my icons. It seems some of the stuff no longer works anyway with operating system updates.


Any way, I’m having fun with it. It’s too hot to do anything outside right now anyway. Come on fall!



Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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