Tupperware in the Woods


I use billion dollar defense satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. What’s your hobby?

Among my other pursuits I’m an on again, off again Geocacher. Which means people hide plastic boxes in the woods, put the gps coordinates on the Internet, and I try and find it.

It’s a fun hobby, but as an outdoor activity if it’s too hot or too cold it’s not as much fun. I used to be die hard at it, driving for a whole day, all over the countryside. The price of gas and the availability of decent caches around caused me to back off. Plus, my once fearless daughter has declared she no longer likes “the woods”, to mean any area, urban or not, containing more than five trees in a cluster.

Once upon a time, geocaching was also sort of secret. The community even borrowed JK Rowling’s word “muggles”, to mean people who don’t know about geocaching. It seems to be everywhere now, almost too exposed. I’m comfortable though in the thought that even if everyone knows about it, it doesn’t mean everyone will do it.

After all, I know about baseball, but I could care less about playing the game. There are enough other coordinated people to play baseball, they don’t need my help getting touchdowns.

The toughest cache I ever found involved two days in Asheville, NC, crawling under parking lots and interstates through drain pipes. It was tiring, difficult, draining, and scary in parts. But – one of the most rewarding experiences. Maybe not the Everest of caches, but perhaps the Geocaching El Capitan.

I’m looking at starting hiking sometime in the future. There are plenty of decent, rewarding mountain caches, so I could combine two sports. Hiking, they tell me, involves a lot of walking, so I may have to work up to it. At least I wouldn’t have to fight another grown man for a ball.

I’ll stick to nerd sports, geocaching being about the only one. At least there is planking to look down on.


Author: theosus1

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