Grapes at last, Grapes at last, thank God all mighty, there’s grapes at last.


I love grapes. They taste pretty good, they make even better juice, and they store really well as wine.
I enjoy them in jelly form most of all. I take great pains to ensure my cultivated vines produce copious grapes, but so far, I sort of suck at it. There’s an art to grape vine trimming, and I just don’t have it. In fact, I have a hedge, not a vine. But, it produces enough fruit that I turn out enough jelly to give as x-ma$$ presents, and still have enough to eat. I also let wild vines grow at will. I pick as many wild grapes as I do cultivated ones.
Every year I look forward to the sticks budding, sending out shoots and flowering. I watch anxiously as they ripen into berries, and finally change color.
Today I ate my first ripe wild muscadines. Tasty. I’m looking forward to picking and crushing and boiling and turning out the delicious spreadable glory which is jelly.



Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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