Internet of 2002 – I miss you.

I have been watching Dexter, a showtime program about a serial killer – that only kills bad guys. Imagine my anger when I got my season four – disc 4 – disc from Netflix. Sure, it SAYS Dexter on the front. For some reason it wouldn’t play in the DVD player. So – I threw it in the computer and it opened up, and started playing “The Tudors”. What? I know it’s not Netflix’s fault – they mail the discs, they don’t make them. But I was still mad. Now I have to wait three days to see the last episode, so Netflix can send me another one.


So – I did what any internet aficionado would do. I turned to my trusted friend. After all, you can find anything on YouTube, right? Wrong. Oh sure, there was a lot of one or two minute trailers. There were a lot of fake “full version Dexter here!” posts, leading you to fill out surveys, or spam site, or even to things having nothing to DO with Dexter.And of course, the bane of the internet – a lot of “this file has been removed due to illegal content.” Bastards.


I searched Google. Surely someone posted the file somewhere? Every link wound up a dead end. “File removed due to complaint or illegal content”. And those were the sites that didn’t just give me the runaround, from site to site to site, never really showing me anything.Of course I stumbled across enough “reviews” to learn that Rita dies in the end. Of course, I hated her and wanted her dead for two seasons, but I didn’t WANT to know ahead of time!


I finally fired up FrostWire. First BearShare went toes up, then LimeWire…but FrostWire is still out there. It used to be my go-to file sharing software when nothing else will work. But, alas, Dexter was not to be found. Sure – someone out there had seasons 2 and 3 on the internet, but 4 was missing. FrostWire used to be as dependable as old faithful. If you wanted it – it was there. After all, it shared the network with BearShare and LimeWire. Now you get the same ten decoy booby virus files with every request, and maybe a smattering of real files that may or may not be related to anything you were actually looking for.


I miss the Internet of 2002. Before everyone was so scared of the DCMA. When Pirates roamed the waters freely. When BearShare, LimeWire, and Napster were mighty vessels of freedom. Where you COULD find anything on YouTube, or at least through WebCrawler. When you could find the files you wanted, without being scared some big company is paying to have hackers write and insert viruses into P2P files, causing the rest of us heartache and pain. Wouldn’t it be better if you only had to download one clean copy of a Metallica song, without having to try six other versions first? Think of all the wasted bandwidth and energy.

It used to be said, “Once it’s on the internet, it’s out there forever.”

I tried to find out who said that, but it’s been deleted. Some DCMA violation I think…



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