A day at the state house.


We took our group of Summer Camp kids to the State House in Columbia today. There’s nothing quite as fun as driving an oversize van down I-20, while 8 kids belt out 3 different off-key rap songs, all competing for volume. They finally calmed down and just begged me to change the radio station to something more “hip hop”. Sorry, but I like rock, and as I live in an area devoid of such music, I play rock stations when I go to Columbia. Driver picks the music, unless he’s married. Then it’s wife’s choice.

So we go to the State House and talk about how government works, evidently a subject as interesting to twelve year olds, as mani-pedicures and facials are to me.

But, I did get to eat an MRE, which is always a fun event. Army lunch is like gambling for food. What’s going to be in brown pouch number three?




Author: theosus1

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