The Casey Anthony Trial

is over. And frankly, I don’t care. I watched parts of it with interest, but I’m not emotionally invested. The verdict didn’t surprise me. I’m also willing to accept that maybe she did it, but for the sanctity of our legal system, I’d rather see a guilty person go free, than an innocent person go to jail. We have to accept that sometimes people are going to get away with it, in order to assure the rest of us when it’s our time in court, we won’t get railroaded based on the feelings of the armchair quarterbacks on Facebook, who managed to tear themselves away from Farmville long enough to form an opinion.

The scary thing to me is how the jury is being treated. They are being called all kinds of names by the public and media, and there’s even a facebook page now called “the 12 jurors in the Casey Anthony Trial are an embarrassment to America”. Really? For doing their job? Give it a rest. The trial is over. Go back to watching the Price is Right and filing your “extreme coupons”, and find something else to do. The last thing we need is a mob of people attacking innocent jurors. Get A Life!


Okay, that should get me a few search hits on Google. In the meantime, here’s something that has no relevance to your life either, but won’t be national news, and is a lot more fun. Disney Pictures!


Author: theosus1

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