Hartsville Fireworks – it could be worse, we could have singers.

I’m glad I live in a town small enough that we can enjoy a fireworks festival for what it is. Fireworks and pride in our country. It doesn’t have to be a huge event with people like Beyonce’ and Brad Paisley and any other singer de jour. I know the TV stations have to draw people with big names, but shouldn’t watching fireworks be enough? Sure, play American pride songs in the background  – God Bless the USA and the Boston Pops and anything by Sousa… but don’t make it some over the top commercial spectacle.

At least, at the local show the fireworks take center stage. This year, there wasn’t even any singing that I could hear. Last year they DID sing the national anthem, which was nice. This time, it was just the purr of the cars in the car show. I didn’t enjoy sitting in front of the car show listening to engines rev and speakers boom. After all, there are other ways to compensate for personal issues, but they did get quiet before the fireworks. The show is decent for the size town we have, and I think they may have spent a little more this time, because it was better. It was fun to go and people watch, too. There is always a LOT going on, it’s a pretty good party.

The show gets larger every year, and while they do pretty good getting you in, getting out is always a little troublesome. Too many people in one spot.

But, I did try and take some pictures of the fireworks. My wife did too – and did very well having a little point and shoot camera. Both of us could use tripods, however.I didn’t want to be “that guy”… anyway, here are a few favorites. Enjoy. And don’t steal them.


Author: theosus1

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One thought on “Hartsville Fireworks – it could be worse, we could have singers.”

  1. REALLY GOOD pics!!!!!!! I had my seared mammal and shrimp too, was GRAND and I have lunch for tomorrow too!!! No, I can’t give up meat either.

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