Lightning over Florida

So – if you read my previous posts, which you should, you will know that 1. I attended my sister’s wedding in Pensacola Florida last weekend. 2. I love taking pictures, and 3. Lightning is my favorite subject. I’m drawn to it. When a storm comes, I’m like an alcoholic trying to ignore that next swig of whiskey. So when a confluence of events left me standing under an outdoor covered building at my sister’s wedding reception, faced with an approaching thunderstorm in the perfect place, when I’ve been waiting for YEARS to try and capture a storm at the beach, I did what anyone would. I took pictures of it. The reception was half over any way…

So I’m going through the wedding pictures today doing post-shoot work (color correction, fixing flaws, straightening, all that crap), and figure – since my sister is on a honeymoon any way, I’ll take care of the lightning pictures first. After all, most of my facebook people really don’t care about my sister eating cake, those can wait a few days.

First of all – reducing really doesn’t do them justice. The compression artifacts that get thrown into the pictures really kills them. but since you cant view them at 4800pixels on the long side, you’ll have to suffer through these. Second – I had to hand hold the camera on a few shots, so the horizon lights are blurry. Sorry about that. I couldn’t run get my tripod during the first dance. That wouldn’t be kosher.


Author: theosus1

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