Pensacola Beach Weddings

Beach weddings rock. I say this for many reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to dress up much. One of the worst things about going to a wedding is putting on a suit and tie and shoes that you would rather not wear, ever. This weekend was the first wedding I’ve been to where I wore shorts, a polo shirt, and NO shoes. It was great. The second thing was it was outside. Sure, a church is nice, but often stuffy. For you religious types, what better way to experience the majesty of creation than outside in the natural world, than inside something constructed by man? For the rest of us, it gives us something to look at besides the couple and the stained glass windows. The beach is pretty, after all, and with a sea breeze, its cool. Also, people walking by collecting shells suddenly act as if they don’t know what to do. Walk behind the priest to get that sand dollar, or not?
I’m not sure if it was by design, but the ceremony was also short. No song. Songs in weddings to me seem kind of silly. The couple stands there looking at each other, and the audience doesn’t know what to do, besides look at the stained glass windows, or watch the couple watch each other.
Due to the sea breeze, you can’t do that unity candle crap either. I hate that. it’s so cliche’. Instead the bride and groom poured sand in a vase. I thought it was a bong at first, and wondered what kind of wedding this was. At the end, they had this pretty thing with blue and white sand art in a bottle. So much better in the china cabinet or on the mantle than some half burned candle, and there’s no argument whether to burn it when the power goes out.
So, here’s a +1 for beach weddings. If I know you, please have one. I might decide to go, after all. If I have to put on those uncomfortable shoes and sit in a stuffy building and watch you watch each other, I might just be sick that day.
Plus, when the wedding is over, you are at the beach, which is a nice place to hang out.



Author: theosus1

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