Karma is a Bitch

I don’t have any pictures to offer up today, besides, pictures of this event would be disturbing to young viewers, and some old viewers too. And they would be plain out Gross.

You may recall we planted a garden, like we do every year, only this time someone was taking advantage of us. It was as if we were running the nature equivalent of a soup kitchen. Every morning more of our plants were nibbled to twigs.

At first I thought it was a few tomato horned worms, which will eat the heck out of stuff. I put Sevin dust on the plants to the extent they turned white. No dice, the next morning, more twigs.

Fearing it was a larger animal – rabbit, deer, etc. I sprayed the plants with a solution of permethrin, a chemical designed to kill ants and termites, but which also will kill a number of other species, including; all of them, I think.

I noticed the next day some plants had come under attack, so I purchased some “rid a critter” – a pepper spray for plants equivalent. After I put that on everything, nothing else got eaten. Some of the twig plants began recovering, and I replaced some others. Due to lack of dead insects, and no deer tracks, we assume it was most likely a rabbit stealing our plants.

So – I go out to the garden today, and look around. What do I find, but a rabbit in advanced stages of decomposition. He wasn’t there yesterday. Its almost as if he died, and some divine force caused a larger meat-eater to gnaw on it, and drag its corpse to my garden. I can only hope the little bastard was the one eating my plants, and that it died a long, slow, agonizing death.

In the words of my wife “Boo yow, that that!”… that’s karma for you.


But I do have to get the shovel. That thing is nasty.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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