I see dead….photos?

Sometimes having a child can be a wonderful, magical experience. When they draw you a card for a birthday, or when you come home from work and they rush to give you a hug. Other times they can be downright creepy.

Like my daughter’s latest photographic experiment. Usually she will pull out the camera that “santa” got her for x-mass, and proceed to take 137 pictures of various objects in her room. Books, barbie dolls, stuffed animals, etc. Often with no thought to composition or technical detail (hhahaha).
So yesterday I got Angie a new camera, and Kaylee had to pull hers out again and play with the various settings. She found black and white and sepia, and proceeded to take several pictures. She took the following…


She immediately exclaimed, “That looks like a DEAD photo!” I asked her if she meant that the picture looked like it was taken of a dead person, and she said yes. Then she wanted each of us to pose like we were dead, and take “crime scene” photos.


She didn’t do so well, she looks happy, but a few others were a bit better. Still, very creepy.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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