Finally Hitched…

No – this isn’t about Gay Marriage. Although in the words of a comedian whose name escapes me, “They should be allowed to get married. Not only allowed, they should HAVE to get married. I’m sick of their carefree, happy go lucky lifestyle. Make them settle down like the rest of us.”

Any way – this isn’t about that, but putting the words “gay marriage” in the post is going to get me some more Google searches. So maybe my numbers will go up.


Any way – this is about my sister, who also had a carefree, happy go lucky lifestyle for far too long.

I’m glad to see her married off, finally. It’s about time she found someone to rein her in.

In deference to other wedding guests, I’m not going to put their pictures up here… but since I made the effort to go, and took the following pictures… I’m going to post them. Other than the lightning pictures, these were my favorite, after I edited them in photoshop. Not going to say what I did…


If you read my other post, you will remember how much I said I liked beach weddings.


If you didn’t read my other post, What the Hell?

What’s wrong with you? Go back and look at it.


As for wedding pictures, I am mailing off the CDs that I made for the parents tomorrow, so I am done with that.


I can actually get to messing around with my Disney pictures now. Between the wife and I we took over 1,000 pictures. Of course, not all of those made it home, because, quite honestly, some of them sucked and got deleted.




Some of the remaining ones still suck.


Some are pretty good though.


I did my “random people” and architecture shots, which took up a lot of space. Plus there are the innumerable blurry firework shots and blurry animals at the Animal Kingdom.


I’m really at a loss how to fit them all on here. After all, I only have 3gb.

Then again, who needs to see 9 pictures of my kid posing with Stitch?