Back from Atlanta

I learned a few things on my trip. First of all, while the iPad is pretty neat, and you can import pictures and all on it, its Hell to upload them to anything. First of all, my camera takes pictures that are really too large (file size) for it to deal with. I can see them, but I can’t open them in photoshop express to do much with them. I can email them to facebook, but the files are 6mb or more, and 4000+ pixels on a side. Way too damn big. So I have to take a screen shot on the ipad itself, and upload that, which can look sort of crappy.  Oh well, at least there IS a way around it.  Anyhow – my Atlanta trip resulted in some fun pictures.

I was on the 65th floor (out of 73!) and could overlook the CNN building and the Olympic park. I kept trying to find Richard Jewell and his backpack, but I was just too high up. I like Atlanta from 65 floors up. Down at street level it was much less interesting. I could see rooftop pools, Stone Mountain, and what looked like a patch in the awning of the Marriott across the street, roughly shaped like someone who leapt off the roof.

The nighttime lights proved fun to look at. I did my best to photograph stuff, but as I only had my pocket tripod, I really couldn’t get any night shots that truly pleased me. When your tripod includes your camera leaning against the window for support, it can only go downhill from there.


Author: theosus1

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