Things are a-growin’

I took a look around the house today… It seems our lemon tree, which bloomed improperly in December, has discovered the error of it’s ways. Dispite my attempts at fertilizing the flowers with a q-tip, no lemons were to be had. However, the bees seem to do a better job, and when it re-flowered recently, it seems like the fruit took.

The grapes are also coming along. The little balls will soon be grape flowers.

The flowers are always VERY small, and I don’t know how the bees even fertilize them,

but evidently it works okay, as I always have plenty of grapes. I learned a few things looking at the vines today at the peach farm. They really know how to trim their vines. I need to get out there with some clippers this fall and hack up my vines.

   Angie’s tomatos are starting off well. They normally do, we always get some good ones to start, and then the whole process goes downhill. I don’t know what it is we do to them.

  Kaylee sizes up the corn. Its the best corn we’ve ever grown. We didnt start from seed this time, we bought little corn plants. The plants are green and strong-looking, not weak and pale and sickly. Maybe its just the kind of corn, or the fact I’m fertilizing the Hell out of everything this year (Organic soy nitrogen something…)


Author: theosus1

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